Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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H.G. Well’s classic sci-fi novel gets another adaptation in this hardbound tale from Steve Niles and Ted McKeever.



At one time, humans believed they were alone in the universe. When alien ships landed one day, people were curious — not afraid. That all changed when the Martians emerged and showed the humans that not only were they not alone, but they weren’t the most powerful beings in the universe, either. Faced with powerful alien machines and death-dealing heat rays, humans began to feel very small indeed.

Fortunately for Earth, size doesn’t always matter when it comes to power…

H.G. Wells’ classic science fiction novel The War of the Worlds works on many levels, as scary today as it was more than a century ago. This hardbound adaptation uses sparse text by Steve Niles and creepy art by Ted McKeever to capture the power of the original.






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