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The momentous House of M event redefined the Marvel universe and removed the mutant gene from the majority of Earth’s mutants. Named after the 198 remaining mutants, the X-Men: The 198 series picks up the story.


X-MEN: THE 198

When the events of Marvel’s “House of M” mini-series removed the mutant gene from the vast majority of the Earth’s mutants, the effects were dramatic — and in some cases deadly. Even those left physically unchanged faced emotional consequences that could affect them the rest of their lives.

This mini-series deals with the stories of the mutants (whose numbers are estimated at approximately 198 worldwide) left behind to pick up the pieces. At the Xavier Mansion, the remaining X-Men welcome all mutants, including former enemies and mysterious individuals like Mr. M. Have mutant kind’s problems only begun?

This grim and tension-filled series is written by David Hine and drawn by Jim Muniz, with spooky covers by Juan Doe.









It began with one X-Men book back in the 1960s, and evolved into a franchise featuring a multitude of X-Men titles and mutant characters. The “House of M” mini-series whittled those individuals possessing the mutant gene down to approximately 198, but that’s still a pretty sizable group to get a handle on. Fortunately for X-Men fans, the Office of National Emergency keeps track of all of them, and this one-shot offers a look at their detailed files.

From Alchemy to X-23, the world’s remaining mutants — their origins, histories, and powers — are summarized in one-paragraph capsules. The “Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe” style format is a great way to educate fans on mutants both familiar (Wolverine) and barely known (Litterbug?). The title is painstakingly compiled by a team of writers and editors.







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