Saturday, October 16, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Jackie Estacado, aka The Darkness, faces a part of his own past in the form of the fiancé of a murdered man seeking her revenge. Also this week: Marvel releases Mythos, an updated rendition of the first X-Men adventure.


The Darkness: Flesh and Blood

When Jackie Estacado inherited the power of The Darkness, he walked a fine line between good and evil. As a mafia hitman, he was mixed up with some pretty bad people who did bad things, but since that was the life he was born into, he had little choice in the matter.

But the Darkness gave Jackie a choice, and after meeting his innocent sister, plus good people like cop Sara Pezzini (Witchblade), had Jackie rethinking the choices he had made. Some sins, though, can’t be easily forgotten, as he learns when the fiancée of a murdered man comes after him, joining with an evil force to get her final revenge.

Violence, death, and scores of scantily clad beautiful women characterized much of this Top Cow series, including most of the issues collected here. The Darkness 26-39 and the entire crossover with Witchblade are included, by Scott Lobdell and a variety of artists who credibly mimic Marc Silvestri’s style.






Mythos (Marvel)

The X-Men’s first adventure is fairly well-known to Marvel fans: The mutant Magneto attacks a military base, and Professor Charles Xavier sends out his fledging team of mutant super-heroes to stop him.

This modern version of the story takes that fairly simple, straightforward tale and deepens it dramatically. Now Magneto plans to expose government corruption, while Xavier – who seems more than ever to be preparing his youthful charges for war – must confront his own fears about the future.

Paul Jenkins writes and Paolo Rivera paints this sharp and lovely tale that makes a classic comic from the ‘60s even better.







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