Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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This week, Andy Richardson reviews the story of an insane asylum inmate with a grisly tale of his origins dating 20 years prior. Then, Eduardo Risso shows his talent in the artbook Black.White.


Books of the Dead: Devil Head (Tom Sullivan’s…)

Devilhead: an asylum for the criminally insane in a remote, wilderness location. The narrator of this grisly tale is an inmate there — but to hear him tell it, he’s not really insane at all.

He’s a victim, and his troubles started some 20 years earlier, in 1983, when he was part of a group that discovered a mysterious book in an underground chambers. After that… well, his memories are a bit hazy, but it had something to do with an unknown force possessing soldiers, and making them impossible to kill…

This gory adventure mixes ideas both old (a book covered in human flesh) and older (evil spirits taking over human bodies), resulting in a somewhat familiar but at least exceedingly violent horror story.







Eduardo Risso. Black. White.

Eduardo Risso made an impression on the comic industry in a fairly short time, with his intense imagery leaping off the page in series like 100 Bullets and Detective Comics. While color serves as an enhancement for many artists, Risso’s shadowy style looks even better in a black and white format.

In this oversized collection, full-page pinups feature Spider-Man, Daredevil, Batman, and numerous other heroes and villains: Risso at his inky best.

The volume includes an introduction by frequent collaborator Brian Azzarello, several sketchbook samples, and a short story published previously in Argentina.






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