Saturday, October 16, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Violence, gore, and beautiful a women collide in Doll and Creature. Then, a science experiment goes wrong and becomes another super-hero origin in Fused Tales.


Doll and Creature (Image)

A beautiful woman. A grotesque creature. And a town overrun with monsters.

That’s the premise behind this action series that mixes equal parts violence, gore, and humor. Creature is a business-like hero who goes around cleaning up the town, while Doll is the fearful young lady who ends up at his side. In the horror of a world where everything and everyone have gone goth, both in appearance and nature, surviving the day can be considered an accomplishment.

Writer Rick Remender confesses to being inspired by campy films like Evil Dead II and old horror comics, and those influences are evident in this fun-filled series.








Fused Tales

A science experiment gone wrong lies behind many great comic book heroes, and that’s the case here: Robotics engineer Mark Haggerty finds himself trapped in an experimental suit of his own making. On the plus side, he’s a hero, able to help out the military in Iraq, defeat giants monsters, and help his ex-wife move. The downside, of course, is that the normal life he once enjoyed is over.

This collection of short adventures by several different writers and artists is by turns funny, action-packed, and bittersweet, as in the best monster yarns.






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