Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Kingsley Amis picked up the Bond legacy after creator Ian Fleming’s death, presenting the intrepid agent 007 in a new adventure that pitted him against the clock to rescue kidnapped superior “M.”



Even before writing the first James Bond novel after creator Ian Fleming’s death, Kingsley Amis had a familiarity with the character: he critiqued and offered up edits to Fleming’s last Bond manuscript. Small wonder, then, that many consider Amis’ Colonel Sun the best Bond novel outside of Fleming’s own books.


This story, in which Bond superior “M” is kidnapped and Bond must rescue him, was adapted and serialized in the Daily Express newspaper, and collected here.


The oversized volume also includes an introduction by “Bond girl” Britt Ekland, the history of Amis’ connections with the character, and writer Jim Lawrence’s original Bond adventure “River of Death.”










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