Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Tales of horror have only so many models, but in Blackgas and Gory Lori, Warren Ellis and Joe Monks (respectively) both give the same old story a new lease with their own unique spins.

Blackgas (Warren Ellis…)

Even familiar setups turn convention on its ear when they’re penned by Warren Ellis.

It’s the oldest horror story in the world: a young man takes his wary girlfriend up to his parents’ cabin in the woods. Aware of this, the couple jokes about the cliché—but when the very earth seems to split open, and an ordinary neighbor turns into a savage killer, they’re not laughing anymore.

Suddenly, the mysterious history of the young man’s town, and the origins of its name, are vitally important if they want to get home alive.

The writer is joined by Max Fiumara, whose pencils convey the proper real-life feel with dark shadows pressing at the edges.









Gory Lori

Nobody knows—or nobody is alive who can remember—just how it started, but one day a plague came that wiped out most of the human race. Unfortunately for those who did survive, those who were afflicted didn’t exactly die, either.

Instead, they roam the earth as zombies, with little motivation beyond making everyone else just like them. That brings us to our heroine, Gory Lori, a lovely blonde survivor with guns, a motorcycle, and a whole lot of attitude. The living dead won’t claim her little part of the world without a fight.

In comics and movies, apocalyptic zombie adventures are often a sure-fire hit. This fun (albeit unoriginal) series spreads plenty of bloodshed and black humor around to show why.





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