Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Top Cow pits its new V.I.C.E. team against a range of super-human terrors to domestic terrorists, while a lone reporter tries to make his big break covering a serial killer in town in the Sins of the Fallen.


The world is a very dangerous place. Terrorism, violence, and death are ever-present. That’s where the V.I.C.E.—Violent Incident Control Enforcement—squad comes in. A special FBI division of powerful individuals, the group is able to handle all kinds of challenges, particularly the kind that can level entire city blocks. These individuals are only starting to adjust to their various powers, however, which makes coming to grips with the evil in the world today an even greater struggle.

Part action-adventure, part crime drama, part human interest, this title touches on a variety of different genres while intelligently developing its characters. Like many Top Cow titles, it’s drawn in a Michael Turner-like style.










There’s a serial killer in town, and as terrifying as that is, it’s also a hot story for a young reporter. If he can crack the mystery of “The Nightstalker,” he can save everyone a lot of heartache, and maybe help his own outlook on life.

The more he investigates, though, the more troubling the story becomes. There’s more at work here than just a simple madman—the truth might be far more than he bargained for.

This gloomy mystery has a dreamlike quality to it; it’s a little scarier than it initially appears. Inky artwork by H.G. Young and hard-boiled writing by Ralph Tedesco and Joe Tyler make for an entertaining yarn—sort of a poor man’s Hellblazer.





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