Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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In this week’s review, Andy Richardson asks: what does it take to become a super-villain of Viper Comic’s new Villains title? And what makes the most unlikely super-hero team? Check out the Shadowpact from Fables writer Bill Willingham.


What does it take to become a super-villain? Maybe it’s just one bad day. That’s pretty much the story for regular guy Nick, whose day begins with getting fired from his job, and ends with chancing upon the aftermath of a bank heist. Almost without thinking he finds himself holding a gun, and using it. Before long he’s breaking into the apartment of a down-on-his-luck ex-con, and suddenly everything in his life is different.

A brilliantly simple concept makes for a compelling story here, and it’s hard to tell who the heroes, and the villains really are. Adam Cogan writes it and Ryan Cody draws it in a style very similar to Michael Avon Oeming.










The next time a super-hero team book is referred to as “the most unlikely team ever,” here’s a series that can probably top it. Enchantress, Ragman, Blue Devil, Nightshade, Nightmaster, and Detective Chimp originally joined forces to fight The Spectre, who planned to eliminate all magic in the universe. Afterward, for want of something better to do, they stayed together. Now they travel about battling evil wherever it surfaces, aided by other underused characters like The Phantom Stranger.

This decidedly offbeat and entertaining series mixes dry humor with mystical adventure, and gives writer/artist Bill Willingham a perfect outlet for his diverse talents and creativity.

Andy Richardson is a freelance writer and editor who has been reading and writing about comics for far longer than he can believe at this point. Andy can be reached via e-mail at Please use “ComicBase” as your subject line.

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