Saturday, October 16, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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This week, Andy Richardson presents, zombies tales for the Halloween season!



In comics and movies, zombies are big, and why not? Relentless, shambling creatures that can’t easily be killed have a world of potential for horror, drama, humor, and pathos—you can tell a limitless number of stories with zombies at their center. This collection proves that, by presenting several short tales by a variety of writers and artists in which zombies walk through snow-covered terrains, through shopping malls, and through fields of corn, leaving fearful humans left to deal with the consequences.

This collection managed to enlist the talents of some top creators, including Mark Waid, Ron Lim, Keith Giffen, and many more. Both grotesque and humorous, the full-color comic is presented in prestige format.









A slow-moving bus full of hardened criminals is scary enough, but it’s even worse when that bus breaks down and everyone is forced to get out and walk to the nearest town. Something isn’t right in that town, though; for one thing, it appears to be deserted. Or is it? There are people there, sort of. It’s not just clear if any of them are still alive….

Zombie tales can sometimes grow old; it seems everyone wants to publish their own. When they’re done as smartly and creepily as this one, though, it’s hard to complain. Gripping writing and grisly painted art make this series better than many of its ilk.







Andy Richardson is a freelance writer and editor who has been reading and writing about comics for far longer than he can believe at this point. Andy can be reached via e-mail at Please use “ComicBase” as your subject line.

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