Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Real world politics and super-heroes mix in the mini-series special that delves behind the history of Ex Machina’s Mitchell Hundred. Then, Marvel spotlights another team of its hottest creators: Daniel Way and Oliver Coipel.


Ex Machina Special

Mitchell Hundred is an ordinary civil engineer until an accident gives him super-powers. His first thought is to fight crime, but then he decides to take a different approach—by running for, and becoming, Mayor of New York. That’s the premise, although this one-shot delves into his mysterious past from before he was Mayor, when a strange man who could talk to birds showed up and made him thankful for the powers, and the battle suit, that make him the hero he is.

Brian K. Vaughan and Chris Sprouse collaborate on this title which sets its hero in a very real world, and an all-too-troubling, and highly controversial, political climate.







Marvel Spotlight: Daniel Way/Oliver Coipel

From Avengers to House of M to the Incredible Hulk to the origin of Wolverine, Daniel Way and Olivier Coipel spent some time as two of Marvel’s hottest creators, either writing (Way) or drawing (Coipel) many of the company’s biggest series and storylines.

This one-shot presents lengthy interviews with each creator as they talk about their history, influences, and steps along the way that got them to that point in their careers. Each interview presents images and scenes from their most popular comic book work, as well as answers from the creators about why they made some of the creative decisions they made. There are some nice insights throughout.

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