Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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A new Boba Fett story places the infamous bounty hunter in the midst of a heated conflict on the Rim. Then, a fantasy story based on Norse Mythology from writer Kevin Grevioux, perhaps best known for penning the vampire movie Underworld.


Star Wars: Boba Fett—Overkill

One of the most popular yet underused characters in the Star Wars universe—or maybe that’s no coincidence—the mercenary assassin known as Boba Fett doesn’t have to do much to get people excited. Here his mere appearance on the outskirts of a heated conflict at an Imperial outpost makes you wonder: Whose side will he be on? The answer to that question is, whoever meets his price, which is why you never know how a Boba Fett story will turn out. The man’s loyalties can be easily swayed…

Cool characters and political and military intrigue make this one-shot an enjoyable yarn. Top it all with an Adam Hughes cover and you’ve got a fine example of why people love the character so much.







In Norse mythology, the most heroic warriors are lifted from the battlefield by the valkyries, to spend eternity in Valhalla. From that premise spins this clever series, in which the valkyries are given life—and it turns out they’re much like ordinary women, with similar interests, motivations, and weaknesses. They bicker with each other, fall for attractive men, strive for equal status and recognition, and pass the time in Asgard. Naturally they also face outside threats, like those from evil Loki and his daughter Hela.

This remarkably entertaining and well-written series is by Kevin Grevioux and Leonel Castellani. Grevioux is best-known as an actor and screenwriter for films like Underworld.

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