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Andy Richardson:

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Rob Liefeld hits a few buttons with a controversial super-hero series: Nitrogen.



It’s sometimes taken as a given that “with great power comes great responsibility.” But what if a group of super-powered individuals decided to serve only their own ends? And what if, on the way, they spent time trampling the accomplishments of the heroes who had come before them?

This dark tale focuses on a group of rebellious youths who call themselves the Nitros and are only out for themselves. But don’t worry about them—worry about anyone, including former friends, inspirations, or lovers, who get in their way.

The name “Rob Liefeld” attached to any project frequently inspires controversy, but the guy does have a lot of interesting ideas floating around in his head. Liefeld only handles the plotting, but since the book is written and drawn by people evidently trained by him, it may as well be all Liefeld, all the time. The dialogue and are artwork are traditionally over-the-top, although they have their moments.






Nitrogen: Extreme Forces

Something has gone wrong in the world, and there may be only one way to fix it. That’s what Joanna Prophet thinks anyway, and she’s traveled back 500 years into her past—into the time of John Prophet—to find out if she was right. Because in that time, the present for us, a whole lot of people die who weren’t supposed to. Can she stop it? Or has what happened happened because it was meant to? The truth is that maybe the world isn’t a very nice place, and when heroes die, it’s something that can’t be changed.

Rob Liefeld plots, and guys who write and draw a lot like Liefeld provide the script and pencils. This special issue ties into the regular Nitrogen series was available at comic conventions in 2006.

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