Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Doctor Strange: The Oath + Hellstorm: Son of Satan.

Doctor Strange: The Oath

Dr. Strange is near death’s door, but there’s a person who helps heroes in just such dire straits: the Night Nurse. And ironically, while Dr. Strange once wanted to be just an ordinary surgeon, the Night Nurse wants to be a hero. Before long they’re working together to recover a very important prize—one that could be a greater boon to humanity than anything they’ve achieved in their lives thus far. Unfortunately, something that important tends to attract a lot of interested parties…

Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin collaborate on this well-written miniseries that offers drama, wit, and insight into some under-utilized characters in the Marvel Universe. Martin draws it in a lively, old-school style.

Hellstorm: Son of Satan

t’s tough being the Son of Satan, especially if you’re not exactly sympathetic to the Devil’s perspective. One benefit, though, is that you have a special knowledge and awareness of matters involving demons, so if you run into somebody with a wild story of a child turning into a bird or somesuch, you don’t dismiss it out of hand. That’s how a typical adventure for Daimon Hellstorm begins, and frequently it ends up with him battling some evil monster who, of course, is employed by his father.

None of the previous Hellstorm series have quite panned out for Marvel, but by launching this one in their “MAX” line, intended for adults, they can treat the gory subject matter with the kind of freedom it requires. Alexander Irvine writes it in a Hellblazer-esque style, while Russ Braun and Klaus Janson spatter it with blood.

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