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Civil Wardrobe + Stan Lee Meets Doctor Strange

Civil Wardrobe

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but they don’t always say that about derisive spoofs like this one. Marvel’s massive Civil War crossover tale in 2006 captured the imagination of much of the comic-buying public, so it was ripe for a spoof in which Tony Stark dreams up new ways of shaping the world into his own image. In a series of splash pages, Stark imagines crossovers between Captain America and the TV show American Idol, Wolverine and the film Brokeback Mountain, and more.

This humorous story by Rich Johnston (“Lying in the Gutters”) features artistic contributions from Fred Hembeck, Kaare Andrews, and many others.

Stan Lee Meets Doctor Strange

Stories where writers and artists meet up with their famous creations have long been a part of literature, comic book and otherwise, so it was probably only a matter of time before Marvel came out with a series of comics based on the idea. In this one-shot, legendary creator Stan Lee meets up with Doctor Strange, only to find out that the Sorcerer Supreme has plenty of problems of his own. For one thing, it’s expensive to get a cloak of levitation dry-cleaned, and don’t even get Strange started on hiring security details to guard his body when he’s in his astral form.

This light-hearted comic, written by Lee, also features a backup story written by Brian Michael Bendis and a reprint of the classic Lee-Barry Windsor-Smith tale from Marvel Premiere #3.

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