Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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The Savage Brothers + Bad Moon Rising


A world overrun by undead zombies can be a pretty miserable place, but if you’re handy with a gun and willing to face some dangerous situations, you can make a lot of money and beer. A pair of rednecks known as The Savage Brothers are only too happy to take advantage of the situation, killing the undead for good and spending their days half-drunk on the way to getting fully drunk. Things change when they tackle a particularly difficult assignment, which brings them into contact with a female captive. Can scoundrels become heroes?

Zombies seem like only window dressing in this darkly humorous title—they’re just there to shamble around getting killed. Artist Rafael Albuquerque appears to have used John McCrea, or maybe Mike Mignola, as inspiration.


Black Jack Hatchet was the meanest man ever to stalk Hope, Arizona, but he’s been dead for more than century. It’s hard to ever kill evil for good, though, and when an old prospector uncovers a spooky-looking artifact, Hope’s problems start all over again. A beautiful woman named Candy might have the biggest problem: Black Jack believes she’s his long-dead love. If she doesn’t get help quickly, there might not be anyone left alive to tell him he’s wrong.

Two parts horror and one part Western, this comic mixes in generous amounts of blood, nudity, and gore. Brian Pulido writes it, so maybe a crossover with Lady Death is on the horizon.

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