Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Vampirella: Intimate Visions, Amanda Conner + Vampirella: Intimate Visions, Joe Jusko


Genre: Horror, Pin-Ups/Art Books

For a stretch of time in the 1990s, the beautiful and blood-soaked Vampirella was one of the comic book industry’s more recognizable characters – and certainly one of its most visible. (In more ways than one; there’s not a lot of material to her costume.) Amanda Conner drew her as much if not more than any other artist during that time, in various monthly titles and miniseries. This one-shot reprints a lengthy excerpt of her work from 1997, with accompanying commentary from Conner herself, and also includes a lengthy new interview.

Vampirella (and Conner) fans will enjoy seeing Conner’s own thoughts about her previous work, while some will just enjoy another opportunity to see the character drinking blood and nearly falling out of her costume all over again.


Genre: Horror, Pin-Ups/Art Books

Some of the most iconic images of Vampirella in the 1990s come from the mind, and paintbrush, of the talented Joe Jusko. In this one-shot, Jusko provides extensive and enlightening commentary on how he developed the art for the fully-painted “Blood Lust,” explaining color choices, character auras, and how minor details in paintings can influence emotion and tone. Jusko’s comments accompany a reprint of the first book in the series. Vampirella and Jusko fans will enjoy the one-shot, but fans of fantasy painting in general might also come away with new insight into the process.

The title also includes a lengthy interview with Jusko and a “Making of a Cover” feature, outlining the process that takes an image from a pencil sketch to a finished painting.

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