Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Night of the Living Dead: The Beginning + 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease


Genre: Horror

In a time when zombie comics fill the shelves, if you can work “Night of the Living Dead” and even the George A. Romero name into your title or onto the cover, you’ve got something. This horror series does both, and although things begin quietly in a sleepy Pennsylvania town in the 1960s, they won’t stay that way for long. With little in the way of explanation, the dead begin clambering out of graves, shuffling through the woods, and targeting the living.

This series is one of several similarly themed titles from the same publisher, including Escape of the Living Dead, Plague of the Living Dead, and others. A variety of creators collaborate, and issues feature variant covers by the likes of Tim Vigil and Matt Busch.


Genre: Horror, Science-Fiction

FBI agent Michael Henson has been transferred from Washington D.C. to Alabama, the result of a botched investigation involving the space program and, apparently, vampires. But Henson’s efforts resulted in some other interested parties, including a mysterious individual that wants to help him and several others who will stand in his way. The bad news for Henson is that the people standing in his way don’t seem to feel the effects of bullets.

Government intrigue, supernatural villains, and lots of blood characterize this series, which reads like a particularly dark episode of The X-Files. Genuinely creepy art by Alex Sanchez (colored entirely in shades of gray) helps make for a grimly entertaining read.

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