Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Maintenance + Superf*ckers


Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi

The life of a maintenance worker is a thankless one. On a daily basis, you’re forced to clean up someone else’s mess. And then there’s the life of a maintenance worker for a secret laboratory whose scientists work on highly experimental research projects, and that life is considerably worse. A pair of sad sacks named Doug and Manny have that particular lot, so each day they encounter other-dimensional aliens, human-animal hybrids, and other undesirables while keeping things clean. Small wonder they’ve reached a point where nothing they see fazes them too greatly.

There’s a distinctive Laurel and Hardy feel to this title, as the characters at its center press on despite increasingly bizarre circumstances. Written and drawn with good humor by Jim Massey and Robbi Rodriguez.


Genre: Comedy

The idea that super-heroes bicker and squabble amongst themselves has become almost as popular in comic books as more traditional notions of kindness and cooperation. James Kolchalka takes the animosity one step further with “heroes” – or rather, super-powered beings – who threaten, slander, and curse openly at each other. These characters worry about personal hygiene, discuss whether another hero is gay or not, and fret about looking good at team meetings. Throw in a couple of disgusting characters who nearly defy description, and you’ve got one unpleasant (and at times, hilarious) comic.

Kochalka’s simple style is crude but effective, giving the characters their own personalities despite their cartoony appearance.

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