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Mighty Marvel Western: The Two-Gun Kid

Mighty Marvel Western: The Two-Gun Kid

Genre: Western

Every so often Marvel likes to resurrect elements of its lengthy history, with events focused on monsters, horror characters, and even romance titles. This one-shot looks in on the company’s Western-themed books of yesteryear, with the Two-Gun Kid teaming up with the She-Hulk on an adventure that starts an ends in the She-Hulk’s own title. The lead story is written by Dan Slott and drawn by Eduardo Barreto, juxtaposing the Kid’s modern-day adventure with his memories of one from his 19th-century past.

The issue also includes a goofy western yarn by a team of creators, including Keith Giffen and Mike Allred, and features a great Eric Powell cover. It’s capped off by a reprint of a classic tale by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Dick Ayers, in which another old Marvel cowboy, the Rawhide Kid, dukes it out with a giant totem pole.

Mighty Marvel Western: The Two-Gun Kid

Marvel, 2006


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