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War of the Undead

War of the Undead

Genre: Horror

Just when you thought there were no new takes on the “walking dead” motif, along comes a series like this one to prove you wrong. The story begins near the end of World War II, when Adolf Hitler commits suicide in a bunker. One of his secret projects, however, lives on. Hitler spoke of a “thousand-year empire,” and how better to achieve that than resurrecting and controlling an army of the dead? His loyal followers embark on carrying out the grand scheme, one that also has something to do with – Dracula?

This bizarre series starts out somewhat off the wall and then turns the volume up to 11. Undead monsters, walking corpses, and insane Nazis ensure there’s seldom a dull (or bloodless) moment.

Vampirella Quarterly: Spring 2007

Genre: Horror

Vampirella has lost her beloved, and just maybe she’s lost herself. How else to explain her time slumming in such places as a seedy movie theatre? Maybe, however, she’s not just trying to find her own way – she’s trying to find a way to be reunited with her loved one. Whatever her plan, it will apparently involve a lot of blood, a lot of death, and a lot of women slinking around in skimpy clothing.

Joshua Hale Fialkov writes and Stephen Segova draws this Vampirella series, which doesn’t depart much from a formula of the scantily-clad vampire leaping around and killing people. Issues feature variant covers (by such artists as Joe Jusko and Bill Sienkiewicz) and also feature reprints of classic tales from the old Vampirella magazine, by creators including Archie Goodwin and Jose Gonzales.

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