Thursday, October 21, 2021

Andy Richardson:

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Hack/Slash: Slice Hard + Bloodrayne: Tibetan Heights

Hack/Slash: Slice Hard

Genre: Horror

Cassie Hack and her monstrous partner Vlad thought they’d seen it all in their war on serial killers, and then they encountered a pharmaceutical company that was arguably more dangerous. Cuetotech, Inc. attempts to collect serial killers, under the belief they can control and utilize them, reaching various scientific breakthroughs along the way. That’s a theory quickly proven inaccurate, leaving Cassie and Vlad with their greatest challenge yet: one office building, half a dozen slashers, and a whole lot of helpless victims in the way.

The blood and gore here are softened by at least some degree of humor, as in the other Hack/Slash titles. Tim Seeley and a host of artists collaborate, making for a somewhat uneven reading experience.

Bloodrayne: Tibetan Heights

Genre: Horror, Licensed

As a half-human, half-vampire, BloodRayne has the best of both worlds: all the power of the latter, but the soul of the former. She uses her skills and abilities to kill vampires, and she’s pretty good at it—although that wasn’t always the case. In this tale set in Tibet, a young BloodRayne is just learning her craft from Mynce, her mentor and a member of the mysterious Brimstone Society. Unfortunately for Mynce, BloodRayne’s inexperience might cost them both their lives.

It started as a popular video game, led to a blood-soaked feature film, and now makes it way to comic books. In each format, the core elements of beautiful women, gruesome monsters, and bloody battlegrounds are well-represented. Troy Wall and Chad Hardin collaborate on the mayhem, available with several variant covers.

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