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Spider-Man Poster Book + Marvel Spotlight: Spider-Man

Spider-Man Poster Book

Genre: Super-heroes, Pin-ups

Spider-Man is Marvel’s most iconic character, so it’s hardly surprising that the industry’s greatest artists over several decades have created a lot of iconic images. Battling the Green Goblin, being unmasked by one of his greatest foes, swinging across the city, and hanging out with lovely ladies like the Black Cat and Mary Jane Watson—Spider-Man has a pretty active life. All those activities, and all that creative talent, make it easy for Marvel to compile a collection of some of his greatest images, giving fans a whole book of posters with which to decorate their rooms.

This oversized collection includes intense images dating all the way back to Steve Ditko and John Romita, as well as more recent ones by painter extraordinaire Alex Ross, series artists Ron Garney and John Romita Jr., and fan favorites like Todd McFarlane, J. Scott Campbell, and many others.

Marvel Spotlight: Spider-Man

Genre: Super-heroes

Spider-Man’s red-and-blue costume is nearly as recognizable as Superman’s, so it’s a big deal when he suddenly, on screen and in the comics, finds himself “Back in Black.” The black costume, introduced during Marvel’s “Secret Wars” crossover in the 1980s, eventually became the villain known as Venom. What sequence of events, then, leads to Peter Parker donning his black garb yet again? This one-shot has the answers straight from the creators’ mouths, as the writers of Spidey’s various titles sit down to discuss the controversial plotline.

In addition to the J. Michael Straczynski-Peter David-Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa roundtable, this one-shot offers Mike Allred commenting on classic Steve Ditko art, Roger Stern talking about his contributions to the Spider-Man mythology, and various creators discussing the history (and resurrection) of the Green Goblin. There’s also a feature on Peter’s MC2 universe progeny: Spider-Girl.

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