Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Josh Howard Presents Sasquatch + Johnny Hiro

Josh Howard Presents Sasquatch

Genre: Anthology, Science Fiction

It began as one man’s obsession with all things Sasquatch. The mythical creatures had fascinated Josh Howard since childhood, and when he started recruiting other writers and artists for this anthology, he discovered he was not alone. The result is more than two dozen short stories of Sasquatch encounters, with campers, hunters, aliens, and—vampires? No story idea is too wild for a collection that drifts from humor to drama to horror and back again. Howard’s own “Peeping Kong” and “The Hunt” are among the best stories, but the diverse styles ensure there’s a little something for everyone.

Guy LeMay, Bryan Baugh, and other creators prove that no two people have the same ideas about what a living, breathing Sasquatch might be like. The collection reveals how much fun an anthology of stories based on a single concept can be.

Johnny Hiro

Genre: Action-Adventure

Johnny Hiro doesn’t appear to have any super-powers, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a hero. When his sleep is disturbed by a giant monster—Gozadilla—crashing through the wall of his apartment to capture his girlfriend, Hiro springs into action. But what can he possibly do to rescue her? Meanwhile, Gozadilla has his own concerns, including revenge for an indignity dealt him decades earlier.

This clever and humorous one-shot pays homage to monster movies, super-hero comics, and good old-fashioned adventure with the regular guy who’s “half-Asian, all hero.” Fred Chao writes and draws this fun yarn.

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