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Andy Richardson:

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Star Trek: Klingons: Blood Will Tell+ The Surrogates

Star Trek: Klingons: Blood Will Tell

Genre: Science Fiction; Licensed

The Klingons are one of the fascinating cornerstones of the Star Trek universe: bitter enemies to the Federation initially, and later allies. This series, through flashbacks to earlier encounters between the Klingons and the Federation, reveals how past events can influence future decisions—for good or for ill. A Klingon high councilman tells his granddaughter a story whose details longtime “Star Trek” fans will be familiar with, in hopes it will help her to understand the critical choice he faces today.

The series drips with nostalgia for the original TV show, touching on everything from mighty Organians to Tribbles—yes, Tribbles! Scott and David Tipton write it faithfully while David Messina renders it with equal accuracy to the familiar characters.

The Surrogates

Genre: Science Fiction

It’s 2054, and the emotional distance created by technological advances has reached its logical conclusion. More than 90 percent of the adult population either owns or has operated a “surrogate”—an artificial person. Now most people remain in their homes while their surrogates walk around living their lives, or in some cases dying. When two surrogates are mysteriously killed, the police find themselves with a troubling new problem. Was this just a random act of violence, or the start of a much greater killing spree?

This series deserves credit for coming up with a fresh take on a frightening future, and writing and drawing it in a way that makes it not only plausible but compelling.

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