Thursday, August 18, 2022

Andy Richardson:

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Amazons Attack! + Blue Beetle Companion


Genre: Super-Heroes

Wonder Woman’s fellow Amazons left the Earth during “Infinite Crisis,” but now they’re back – and they’re out for blood. Discovering her daughter Wonder Woman to be a captive of the U.S. Government, Hippolyta leads her people to Washington D.C., and woe be any man (or child) who gets in her way. Unfortunately, there’s a sinister force, Circe, pulling everyone’s strings, whose involvement may not be discovered until it’s too late.

Will Pfeifer and Pete Woods, who previously teamed on “Catwoman,” write and draw this epic (and violent) miniseries, whose consequences could be far-reaching for the Amazons, Wonder Woman, and the entire DC Universe.


Genre: Super-Heroes

He may not be as recognizable as some other Golden Age heroes, but in comic books, newspapers, and even radio shows dating back to 1939, the Blue Beetle lived, breathed, and leapt memorably off the page. This oversized collection is a meticulous recounting of his escapades, which in the early days included cracking wise while dropping villains with a good right cross, and later included homages and even revivals in comics as recognizable as “Watchmen” and as recent as 21st-century classics like “Infinite Crisis.”

This book is more than just a loving tribute to the Blue Beetle, however; it’s also a compelling look at the history of comic books and their creators, from the Golden Age to the Silver and the present. Creator Alan Weiss, TwoMorrows’ editor Jon B. Cooke, and others whose careers have crossed paths with the character share their experiences in accompanying text.

Andy Richardson is a freelance writer and editor who has been reading and writing about comics for far longer than he can believe at this point. Andy can be reached via e-mail at Please use “ComicBase” as your subject line.

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