Thursday, August 18, 2022

Andy Richardson:

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Walk-In + Drawing the Line Again


Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Ian travels a lot. He does so out of necessity, because on a regular basis he has episodes where everything goes black. When he wakes up, whatever life he’s built for himself has fallen to pieces, and he has little choice but to clear out. It’s a rough existence, but one he’s come to grips with. He tends to frequent strip bars—less chance of getting too close to anyone, and often free snacks with the drinks—and keep to himself. That plan goes awry when he finds himself on stage as the between-show entertainment, reading people’s dreams for them. Ian, it turns out, can see people’s dreams, and other strange visions, and he begins to wonder if he’s going insane.

Musician Dave Stewart (who came to fame with the Eurythmics) created the series, and he’s fortunate to be teamed with a talented creative team—sharp writing from Jeff Parker, lush art from Ashish Padlekar.

Drawing the Line Again

Genre: Anthology

There’s one super-villain that’s harder than any other to defeat: cancer. This collection of stories by various writers and artists includes plenty of instances where ordinary people—either the creators, or their characters—are determined to fight. By attending parties, hitting the open road, or putting pen to paper, they live their lives, and (perhaps) give hope to others who are struggling to do the same. The book is a fundraising effort to support cancer research, but it can provide readers with less tangible, but just as important, assistance along the way.

The disease touches almost everyone’s life at some point or another, so it’s not surprising that major names like Clive Barker, Moebius, and Bill Sienkiewicz contribute art and text.

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