Monday, August 15, 2022

Jennifer McGinnis:

Comics as a Second Language

The Living and the Dead

The Living and the Dead

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Genre: Comedy, Horror

This is a tale of love and zombies, told with deadpan humor and perfect timing by the indelible Jason, and published by Fantagraphics Books. Jason’s a minimalist in two senses of the word, using only thirty-one words in a forty-four page book, and relying on bold black and white art. Yet, Jason’s an accomplished story-teller; the art alone manages to express actions and emotions very effectively, and there’s never a doubt about character motivations or what is happening in this macabre, bitter-sweet little tale.

The book is full of the usual undead gore and a few new surprises, and is an excellent rendition of a zombie attack.

Jennifer grew up in an almost-rural part of California and is currently living in the metropolis of Portland. She knows how to fish without bait, find magnetic north, shoot a bow and arrow, and slaughter small animals, but very rarely does any of it.

Jennifer’s favorite comics include PS 238, She-Hulk, Usagi Yojimbo, Fables, and Impulse.

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