Monday, August 15, 2022

Jennifer McGinnis:

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Character Sketches

Character Sketches

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Genre: Anthology

C.B Burns, Christian Read, Shaun Tan, Andrew Richardson, Mark Welsh, Daniel Burke, Anton McKay, Justin Randall, Skye Ogden, and Wolfgang Bylsma, contribute their twisted visions to this collection of dark stories. Each tale revolves around a moment of tragedy, fear, loss, or pain, and together the stories create a milieu of the disturbing. Ranging from the realistic and all too troubling to the purely speculative and fantastic horrors, these stories are sure to give everyone a chill down their spine.

Character Sketches is published by Gestalt Comics, and includes an introduction by Terry Dowling.

Jennifer grew up in an almost-rural part of California and is currently living in the metropolis of Portland. She knows how to fish without bait, find magnetic north, shoot a bow and arrow, and slaughter small animals, but very rarely does any of it.

Jennifer’s favorite comics include PS 238, She-Hulk, Usagi Yojimbo, Fables, and Impulse.

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