Thursday, August 18, 2022

Jennifer McGinnis:

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Sammy the Mouse

Sammy the Mouse

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Genre: Anthropomorphics

Sammy the Mouse #1 is the 21st book in the “Ignatz” collection. Written and drawn by Zak Sally, Sammy the Mouse features lonely, drunk, and ill friends as they wander around their dark world in search of even the slightest sense of well-being, usually turning to alcohol to do the trick. A disembodied voice eggs several of them on in turn, and a small skeleton takes great pleasure in scaring the others. Meanwhile, the epileptic and depressed Puppy Boy has a secret project he’s working on, something that just may change his and Sammy’s life forever.

Jennifer grew up in an almost-rural part of California and is currently living in the metropolis of Portland. She knows how to fish without bait, find magnetic north, shoot a bow and arrow, and slaughter small animals, but very rarely does any of it.

Jennifer’s favorite comics include PS 238, She-Hulk, Usagi Yojimbo, Fables, and Impulse.

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