Saturday, October 16, 2021

Scott New :

Guest Columnist

ComicBase user Scott New shares this Captain Crafty Color Spectacular review!


Captain Crafty Color Spectacular

This series reprints the original black and white Captain Crafty, but with the added bonus of being in color.

Kansas City native Brian Rice's irreverent sense of humor truly shines in both of these books. In fact, the first 3 pages of the first book made me a fan forever. During production of the 3rd issue Mr Rice felt that he would be unable to match the quality of the first two issues and decided to can the project. Brian began writing and drawing a local comic strip and the rest is history.

On a somewhat related note, fellow founder of Conception Comics and inker/colorist of Captain Crafty, Brian Miller, went on to start Hi-Fi Color which is doing or has done coloring for such books as The Omac Project, JSA, Birds of Prey, and Wolverine just to name a few.