Coronavirus Halts Comic Distribution

This week, Diamond Comic Distribution--the sole distributor of most comic books in America--announced that they've been forced to temporarily suspend distribution operations until further notice.

This came following "stay-at-home" orders which stopped their New York and California warehouse operations, and a later Maryland order which applied to their home offices. In a frank letter to retailers, Diamond chief Steve Geppi stated that in light of the current situation, "my only logical conclusion is to cease the distribution of new weekly product until there is greater clarity on the progress made toward stemming the spread of this disease. "

Product distributed by Diamond and slated for an on-sale date of April 1st or later will not be shipped to retailers until further notice. Some stores may be able to place re-orders for product, to be shipped through Diamond's center in Olive Brance, Mississippi, provided they're open and able to receive product themselves.

What This All Means

This is going to have been the last "New Comics Wednesday" for a while, and it signals hard times for comic stores nationwide. Now would be a great time to throw a little extra love to your local comic shop if you're able. It's a tough gig in the best of times, and with most shops making the majority of their income from new comic sales, that gig just got a whole lot tougher.

Over here at ComicBase, we're going to be continuing to push weekly updates, since each update doesn't just list data on new comics, but it also typically includes hundreds--if not thousand--of market price changes, expansions to notes and creator credits, and cover pictures for comics new and old.

Other than giving our editors a rare chance to actually get on top of the flood of new comic listings, they'll continue to keep up with the thousands of new corrections and data submissions that pile up each week. Better, they'll get a chance to take on some indexing and other projects that have been on our wish list for some time.

Keep checking for updates each Thursday night to see all the new goodies. Something tells me that although the world may be shut down for a few weeks, it's going to busier around here than ever!

Best to everyone,