LIFE Magazine Joins ComicBase as Part of Huge Weekly Update

This past Friday's Content Update was one of the biggest of all time, despite coming in the middle of a temporary pause in new comic distribution due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This week saw the addition of hundreds of new comics, including dozens of new variant issues, variants, and uncovered rarities and collected editions. It also added in numerous new magazines, ranging from Animation to Stargate, as well as various new books.

It's also been a busy update for price and content changes, with nearly 6,000 updates in a single week--as well as the addition of some 839 new and updated covers for Archive Edition users.

Perhaps the most interesting new addition, however, is the first 40 volumes of Time's run of LIFE, the groundbreaking and highly collectible magazine which set the standard for photojournalism throughout most of the past century. Originally published as a light humor magazine in the 1800s, Time's run of LIFE used award-winning photography to visually tell the American story, including numerous iconic photographs such as the famous Eisenstaedt shot of a dental assistant in a sailor's arms celebrating V-J day, which was later replayed with a twist in the opening sequence to the 2009 Watchmen movie.

As always, users with a current ComicBase subscription can download the update automatically using Sidekick, or use ComicBase's Internet > Check for Updates command to get all the new content.

Note that if you're running a version of ComicBase 2020 prior to the current v20.0.2, you'll need to update your program before getting the new content update. You can most easily do this by downloading and running the program installer from the link under your Registrations page.