ComicBase Update Brings New Program Improvements, Surpasses 900K Comics

The first major update to ComicBase 2021: version 21.0.1--is now available for download. The new version comes with an updated database containing pricing and data on over 900,000 comics (as well as tens of thousands of comics and books). It also introduces long-requested features including a new "Unknown Items List" when downloading content updates, to help you locate oddball items in your database whose names don't match their official designations. Folks using ComicBase to sell on Atomic Avenue also have new options for dealing with the new UK VAT rules (see article below).

In addition, the new version rolls in a long list of program improvements and bug fixes affecting everything from international support to Psychic Typing. Check out the release notes for the full list of everything that's new and improved.

If you're using ComicBase 2021 and have a current update subscription, you can download the new version using ComicBase's Internet > Check for Updates command. You can also down the fully updated program intaller directly from the download links on your Registrations page.

The first time you open a database using the new version, it'll take a few minutes to update the storyline and contributor indexing in your database to take advantage of the improvements to Psychic Typing. Afterward, you'll be ready to rock with all the updated goodness of the new version. We hope you enjoy it!

New VAT Rules Complicate UK Sales

A late-breaking rule change which went into effect January 1, 2021 now requires anyone from abroad selling goods into the UK to file for a VAT ("Value Added Tax") license, as well as take care of handing VAT filings and payments going forward.

Previously, international sellers had it easier, since smaller sales were excluded from the VAT entirely, and the burden of paying any VAT that was due typically fell on the purchaser at the time the package was received. However, under the new rules, the UK government is requiring the foreign seller to register for a VAT number, and remit quarterly payments and reports to the UK.

To cope with all this (or rather, to avert having to cope with it!) ComicBase customers using Atomic Avenue to sell comics internationally now have a new option under the "Post Items for Sale" dialog. This option lets you continue to allow international sales--but exclude selling internationally to the UK, in order to avoid the new VAT and paperwork requirements.

This Atomic Avenue forum post gives more details the full story on the new rules and their implications for sellers.