ComicBase 2022

Now Available: ComicBase 2022

Over 130,000 new listings added the world’s largest comic database, plus improved variant handling, dark themes, Archive Quick Start and more

The new ComicBase 2022 is now shipping! This is a huge release for us, bringing a record-setting amount of new content, fully updated pricing, and new features designed to make managing your collection easier than ever.

The new version comes with built-in information and updated pricing for over 965,000 comics, as well as tens of thousands of new book and magazine listings. As with previous versions, all paid editions of ComicBase 2022 come with a year of weekly price, content, and program updates to keep your collection current.

ComicBase Archive Edition and 4K Archive Edition now include over 775,000 cover images--with more than 100,000 added this year alone. Not only are these invaluable in helping make sense of an increasingly variant-heavy marketplace, but the images can be used on reports and labels for identification--as well as serve as an ever-changing backdrop with the included ComicBase Cover Gallery screen saver.

New Features

ComicBase 2022 brings improved variant handling, with a new dedicated Item Description field to help call out the distinguishing features of each variant, as well as adding the ability to handle items with a hundred different variants or more.

Other new features include a new Find and Replace function to let you easily make changes across the database, brand new Dark themes, and the introduction of customization preferences to control how value changes are shown in the grid, including new financial-style change coloring to let you easily see where the market action is at.

Usability improvements include new Getting Started wizards to let you set the most important program settings with a few clicks, as well as progress tips to help you make the most of the program.

And in what's perhaps the coolest new feature: Archive Edition users can now use a new "Quick Start" picture install to get instant access to all the cover images in our vast picture library by installing just a single picture archive. Then, as pictures are used, high-resolution versions are instantly downloaded, letting you save huge amounts of both download time and disk space.

Want the full rundown on all that's new? Check out the What's New page for all the details--and tune in for the special ComicBase 2022 Livestream Thursday at 4pm Central (details below) to get an in-person tour of the new version!

How to Get It

If you've got a current ComicBase subscription, you've already been issued your ComicBase 2022 serial number, and you can download the new version under your Registrations page. The first time you run the new version, it'll take a few minutes to upgrade your existing database to enable the new program features, then you'll be ready to rock and roll.

If your subscription has expired, or you've been holding on to an older version of ComicBase, you can upgrade at special savings by clicking the "Renew/Upgrade" button on the Registrations page.

Special Thursday 4pm Livestream:
Join Us for the ComicBase 2022 Livestream

Please join us tomorrow at 4pm Central for a special ComicBase 2022 Livestream, where we'll be showing off the new version and answering your questions about ComicBse 2022 (and all things comic-related) live!

Please head on over to the Livestream page and click the "Subscribe" button to subscribe, and hit the notifiy "bell" icon to get notified. Our normal livestream happens each Wednesday, where you can chat directly with us as we discuss everything from program ideas to the comic industry. It's a great way to learn more about how to get things done with ComicBase, and it's a great chance for us to talk directly with you to share ideas, answer questions, or just hang out. It's a lot of fun, and we hope you'll join us!

And while you're there, check out the rest of the content on our ComicBase TV YouTube page. You can watch our other Livestreams, check out how-to videos and more. As all the YouTubers say, "Be sure to 'like and subscribe'!", as we're doing new stuff all the time, and we expect to pick up the pace even further as we head into next year.