ComicBase: Now With Over a Million Comics—PLUS! ComicBase v22.0.2 Update

The past several weeks have left all the old records in the dust, as ComicBase blew well past a million comics (and now a million magazines!), incorporated one record-setting auction result after another, and we introduced our big quarterly update: ComicBase 22.0.2

Starting with the program itself, ComicBase 22.0.2 brings faster program startup, huge speed improvements for working with longer titles (like Action Comics), a one-button fix for Microsoft OneDrive issues, new EGS grading support, and much more.

It's a free update to all ComicBase users with a current subscription, and can be downloaded simply by using ComicBase's Internet > Check for Updates command, or alternately download and run the ComicBase Program installer from the links under Registrations.

If you've noticed the stats on this last week's content update (Over 600,000 new issues and almost 400,000 updated issues in a single week!!), you'll also be happy to know that ComicBase 22.0.2 also gives you new features to handle content updates. When updating from within ComicBase, it allows you to choose which types of media you'll be updating to speed content updates, and even choose to remove types of media (e.g. Magazines) if you're not interested in them altogether.


The New Scanners Are Here!

Using a barcode scanner with ComicBase lets you automatically identify issues and variants, and makes it about 4 times faster to enter your comic collection--especially when used with the "Add by Barcode" feature found in ComicBase Professional and Archive Editions. And while using your phone with the ComicBase Mobile app is fine for doing light amounts of data entry while you're on the road, these physical scanners are far faster and more practical when it comes to tackling the big job of entering your collection.

Having spent the better part of a year sourcing a new generation of barcode scanners for use with ComicBase, we're overjoyed to share the news that the new scanners are here at last and available for immediately ship!

Our new ComicBase scanners are custom-sourced and specially configured to handle all the needs of working with all the various barcode types used by comics, books, magazines, and custom ComicBase labels. Both of our new scanners are capable of scanning both 1D and 2D barcodes, scan faster than ever before, and do an excellent job of reliably recognizing the extra "supplemental" bar code information found on periodicals such as comic books. They even handle those rare publishers who use non-periodical barcode formats--something that used to confound our previous generations of scanners and require you to enter those codes by hand.

The new ComicBase DX3 Scanner is a wired scanner which plugs into any USB port and sets up in seconds. It's a professional laser scanner which comes with its own stand to allow for either handheld scanning, or hands-free scanning: just wave the comic under the scanner! Replacing our former top-of-the-line DX Laser Scanner, this new generation scanner also manages to cut the price to just $99.99, including the stand!

And, for those wishing to lose the cord and clutter, we're delighted to introduce the brand new ComicBase Wireless Scanner. With no cord to worry about or clutter up your desk, you can just pick it up and scan. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts months on a single charge (charging cable included), and it all comes at the breakthrough price of just $120

We debuted both scanners during our latest ComicBase Livestream--check that out to see them both in action. For all details on both scanners, check out our barcode page and grab yours today!