Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thomas Moudry:

Mou on the Verge

This week, veteran ComicBase writer Thomas Moudry takes on two of DC's newest titles: Villains United & The Rann/Thanagar War.

Villains United

“Villains United” is actually just a bit of a misnomer: you see, there are actually two separate, and diametrically opposed, teams of super-villains forming in this six-issue limited series from writer Gail Simone (Birds of Prey) and artist Dale Eaglesham (Green Lantern) that spills out of the events of both Identity Crisis and Countdown to Infinite Crisis no. 1. One group, the Society, is headed up by Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor, and offers both unity and protection to the rogues in the wake of the revelation of the mind-wipe the JLA used to turn the once-deadly Doctor Light into a joke—at a price: slavish devotion.

Oh, and you really can’t refuse. Except Catman does.

Catman?!? Yes, Catman, a bad guy Batman-knockoff who has apparently found himself by leading a Tarzan-like existence in the African jungle, turns down the Society’s offer. What will Luthor, Dr. Psycho, Talia, Deathstroke the Terminator, Black Adam, and the Calculator do to such an upstart? Well, if they try something, they’ll have to take on Catman’s cohorts in the new Secret Six, a rival team assembled by the mysterious Mockingbird, focused less on protection and more on world domination, and composed of Scandal, Cheshire, a Parademon from Apokolips, Ragdoll, Deadshot, and the aforementioned Catman. Two highly organized bands of bad guys? Sounds like more trouble for the super-heroes of DC Universe is a-brewing!



The Rann/Thanagar War

In the eight-issue Adam Strange limited series, the planet Rann was teleported into the heart of the Polaris system by Sh’ri Valkyr, a rogue Thanagarian cult member, accidentally resulting in the destruction of Thanagar, Hawkman’s homeworld.

In this six-issue limited series that spins out of Adam Strange and leads into Infinite Crisis, it’s up to Strange himself to deliver the bad news to the Winged Fury and his partner in crimefighting, Hawkgirl.

But there’s more: many Thanagarians were rescued by good-hearted Rannians and now occupy refugee camps, but a darker faction of Thanagarians has launched a full-scale invasion of Rann from an orbiting fleet of spaceships and inspired revolution among the refugees.

Can the combined might of the DC Universe’s greatest space adventurers—Adam Strange, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, and L.E.G.I.O.N.—prevent two civilizations from completely destroying themselves and stop the tide of war from washing over worlds?

Writer Dave Gibbons (World’s Finest) and artists Ivan Reis and Marc Campos (Action Comics) deliver a thumping good sci-fi yarn with tons of implications for the future of the DCU.

Thomas Moudry is a long-standing writer for ComicBase. His work has appeared in Larry Elmore’s Women of the Woods, Stephanie Law's Such Is the Way of the Faeries, as well as the Teacher's Discovery's Of Mice and Men Navigational Novel Guide. That said, he's also a happily married English teacher who leads a fairly quiet life in a small town, publishes some freelance projects here and there, and generally enjoys his existence. For the inquiring, Thomas can be reached via e-mail at Please use “ComicBase” as the subject line.

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