Saturday, October 16, 2021

Thomas Moudry:

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If you haven’t picked up your copies of the new hits Omac Project and Day of Vengeance from DC yet, what are you waiting for? Thomas Moudry fills you in on what you’ve been missing in his weekly report from Mou on the Verge.

Day of Vengeance

Featuring many of DC’s magic-based super-heroes, anti-heroes, and super-villains, this six-issue limited series from writer Bill Willingham (Fables) and artist Justiniano (Titans) picks up shortly after the events of Identity Crisis and Countdown to Infinite Crisis and explores a darker, more sinister side of the DC Universe.

As the story opens, Ragman, an avatar of vengeance, is reintroduced and drawn to the side of the Enchantress, the lone survivor of an attack on well over 700 sorcerers by the Spectre, who is on a misguided mission to rid the world of all magic, which he views as the source of all evil in the DCU.

Knowing this, the remaining enchanted heroes—including the aforementioned Ragman and Enchantress, as well as the Blue Devil, Arion, Nightshade, and Animal Man—band together in the Oblivion Bar, determined to take the fight to the Spectre, the ultimate symbol of divine retribution—under the guidance of a decidedly world-weary and wise Detective Chimp. Heck, even a mystical crisis of universe-shattering proportions is better when a talking monkey is tossed into the mix.

Plus, the involvement of Captain Marvel and the new Eclipso only up the excitement ante!



The OMAC Project

In the 1970s, Marvel legend Jack Kirby (Fantastic Four) moved over to DC Comics and created some of the most inspired series of the decade, including the New Gods, The Demon, and OMAC, an agent of the World Peace Organization who protects humanity with the aid of an all-knowing orbiting satellite called Brother Eye in the not-too-distant future. The concept was revisited by second-generation legend John Byrne (Alpha Flight) in a 1991 Prestige Format limited series.

This six-issue limited series is set very much in the present-day DC Universe, picking up just seconds after the shocking and tragic conclusion of Countdown to Infinite Crisis no. 1.

Here, Brother Eye was built by Batman to catalog and monitor every super-hero on the face of the earth—just in case, you know, he ever had to take them down; this paranoia may be the result of the mind-wipe orchestrated some time ago by his fellow JLA members and revealed in the Identity Crisis limited series.

However, the orbiting satellite has been pirated by the espionage organization Checkmate and its Black King, Maxwell Lord, who has more sinister plans for its implementation. What’s the Dark Knight to do when he’s at war with his own technology?

Writer Greg Rucka (Gotham Central) and artist Jesus Saiz (JLA: Black Baptism) put Batman at the heart of a conspiracy that’s set to blow the DCU wide open.

Thomas Moudry is a long-standing writer for ComicBase. His work has appeared in Larry Elmore’s Women of the Woods, Stephanie Law's Such Is the Way of the Faeries, as well as the Teacher's Discovery's Of Mice and Men Navigational Novel Guide. That said, he's also a happily married English teacher who leads a fairly quiet life in a small town, publishes some freelance projects here and there, and generally enjoys his existence. For the inquiring, Thomas can be reached via e-mail at Please use “ComicBase” as the subject line.

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