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Thomas Moudry:

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Get the low-down on Grant Morrison’s limited Seven Soldier cross-series with ComicBase researcher Thomas Moudry – who brings you this weekly report from the comic shelves in Mou on the Verge.


Seven Soldiers

Grant Morrison. The mere mention of the writer’s name makes the comic book fan’s mind reel: after all, he broke all the rules with his vision for Animal Man, made the Doom Patrol even stranger, and restored the Justice League of America to greatness. Seven Soldiers is his love letter to some of DC’s second- and third-stringers.

In the opening few pages, we learn that the Seven Unknown Men are in need of soldiers for a highly sensitive mission of cosmic proportions; then Morrison introduces us to the Whip, the granddaughter of the Golden Age hero who wants the thrills and the fame super-heroics bring.

She narrates the better part of this introductory tale which finds her battling alongside the Vigilante, the Western troubadour-turned-crimefighter; Gimmix, the follower in the footsteps of Merry the Girl of a Thousand Gimmicks and the Star-Spangled Kid; Blue Boy, possessor of a super-suit and a sonic horn; Dyno-Mite Dan, an eBay shopper who scarfed up two Golden Age mystery rings that go BOOM; and the latest Ludlow to bear the name the Spider.

However, they may not be most successful super-team in the history of comics — which paves the way for the seven intervening limited series that lead up to Seven Soldiers #1.

Seven Soldiers: Zatanna

The daughter of Golden Age magician/crimefighter Zatara, Zatanna has been a major player in the DC Universe since the 1960s. In this limited series that will lead up to Seven Soldiers no. 1, she has joined a therapy group for failed super-heroes because she’s addicted to spells — well, the casting of them, and when the chips are down, her mystical efforts to save humanity always seem to result in the deaths of those closest to her.

Now, she may have unleashed an unstoppable force hell-bent on destroying mankind. So, what’s the DCU’s resident fishnets-and-top-hat-wearing sorceress to do? Take on an apprentice, of course!

Writer Grant Morrison’s spin on Zatanna seems to be something akin to a magic-using Ally McBeal; there’s a neurotic slant to her that a pupil just may help to expunge in time for the big bad that’s coming down the pike.

Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witch Boy

The Seven Soldiers limited series continue!

Here, we find Klarion the Witch Boy longing to leave the underground, isolationist community he calls home — pretty much the way he’s always been portrayed in the pages of the various Demon series, and when an outside element threatens the community, the elders decide to seal off the Wicket Gate to the outside world.

This, of course, displeases Klarion, who likes nothing better than the opportunity to go exploring when he should be studying his Book of Shadows. Still, everyone’s favorite witch boy gets the opportunity to explore when his efforts to warn the elders of a plot against them and their plan to seal the gateway prove in vain.

With a horrifying, bloodthirsty demon on his tail, Klarion gets more adventure than he’d bargained for in this limited series that leads up to Seven Soldiers no. 1.

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