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Thomas Moudry:

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Superman takes on an entire a cival war. Vision and the Scarlet Witch reaffirm their vows. And the Authority has to deal with a traitor who threatens the world while being at less than the top of their form. Thomas Moudry reviews three thoroughly enjoyable super-hero trades from DC, Marvel, and Wildstorm, respectively.


Superman: Infinite City

Writer Mike Kennedy has taken on Dark Horse’s Ghost, Star Wars, and Lone Wolf and Cub properties, and artist Carolos Meglia has drawn Superman/Tarzan and The Adventures of Superman and worked on Batman: The Animated Series.

In this hardcover graphic novel, they send Clark Kent and Lois Lane to a ghost town that ultimately leads them through a portal to another dimension and Infinite City, where science and magic operate side-by-side and Superman must stop a civil war from spilling over into our dimension.

Honestly, this story is a non-stop thrill-ride from start to finish, and Meglia’s kinetic artwork only accelerates the pace.




Avengers: Vision and the Scarlet Witch

In the mid-1970s, writer Steve Englehart (Captain America, Justice League of America) orchestrated the wedding of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch in Giant-Size Avengers no. 4, and he further developed their relationship in the 1980s with a much-lauded four-issue limited series with a Halloween theme.

This reprint collection — published to coincide with the end of Avengers: Disassembled and the beginning of House of M — explores the marriage of the popular Avengers and solidifies their connection to longtime X-Men foe Magneto and expands the Avengers trade paperback library.





The Authority: Human on the Inside

On-the-edge, butt-kicking super-team The Authority is not at its best in this graphic novel from screen writer John Ridley and artist Ben Oliver: their leader, Jack Hawksmoor, is crippled, the Doctor has given in to his addictions, and the President of the United States resents the control the heroes have over the world. Having been reduced to little more than a ceremonial figure, the POTUS plants a traitor amidst the Authority to destroy humanity’s faith in its saviors; unfortunately, this plot may bring about the end of the universe.

An engaging story, to say the least, but nothing is done to bring new readers up to speed: if you’re unaware of the Authority, you’ll have a tough time finding your way into this tale of insidious plans and cynical super-heroes.

Thomas Moudry is a long-standing writer for ComicBase. His work has appeared in Larry Elmore’s Women of the Woods, Stephanie Law's Such Is the Way of the Faeries, as well as the Teacher's Discovery's Of Mice and Men Navigational Novel Guide. That said, he's also a happily married English teacher who leads a fairly quiet life in a small town, publishes some freelance projects here and there, and generally enjoys his existence. For the inquiring, Thomas can be reached via e-mail at Please use “ComicBase” as the subject line.

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