Saturday, October 16, 2021

Thomas Moudry:

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The JLA teams up with Cyberforce to battle former-Cyberforce teammate Ripclaw. Then, Mark Silvestri as well as J.G. Jones offer their artwork for the Hunter Killer: Dossier. Don’t be the one to miss out on these two super-hero titles from Top Cow!



Okay, let’s make this perfectly clear: this one-shot is far more Cyberforce than JLA, probably because Top Cow is hoping to relaunch the super-team soon and needs a high-profile project to drum up some interest in it.

The plot is simple: the Justice League of America responds to a crisis in Budapest and finds Cyberforce, a team of cybernetically-enhanced heroes, fighting a bunch of cyber-zombies who have been infected with the Godtech that gave Cyberforce their powers.

The villain behind all of this? Former Cyberforce member Ripclaw, whom the Top Cow team hopes to return to the side of the good guys.

The JLA are pretty much guest-stars in this story that’s entertaining enough, but ultimately lacking the depth of an inter-company crossover that was actually warranted.




Hunter-Killer: Dossier

Hunter-Killer is a fairly complex series that takes the black ops clichés that have permeated both the Wildstorm and Top Cow universes over the years and turns them on their ears.

Here, there are no clear heroes and villains; while the Hunter-Killers are essentially dedicated to policing super-powered individuals, their methods and ultimate purposes are suspect.

This one-shot is a guide to the characters who populate the world of the Hunter-Killers, and the artwork is provided by the likes of Marc Silvestri (The Uncanny X-Men), J.G. Jones (Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia), and Tom Mandrake (The Spectre).

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