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Thomas Moudry:

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Meet Mary Specter, a “lucid dreamer” who can enter the dreams of her father’s psychiatric patients in Night Mary. In Kolchak Tales, the intrepid reporter’s paranormal adventures are finally catching up to him and he’s sent off to the shrink’s office for a little stress-check… Horror takes a seat in the psychiatrist’s chair with these two stories that both revolve around the same conceit.


Night Mary

Mary Specter is seventeen years old and bears a lot of responsibility. You see, Mary has been trained to be a “lucid dreamer” so she can enter the troubled dreams of the more disturbed patients in her father’s clinic for those with sleep disorders.

Things take a turn for the worst when Mary enters the dreams of serial killer and her presence allows his twisted nightmares to invade reality.

Written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Kieron Dwyer, this limited series explores the darker side of human nature.

Can a teenage girl stand between the world and certain doom?




Kolchak Tales: Black & White & Read All Over

This black and white anthology is a hoot — for Kolchak the Night-Stalker fans and horror fans in general. For those not in the know, Carl Kolchak is an intrepid reporter for the International News Service; he pursues the stories that other newshounds ignore — the stuff of our darkest nightmares.

The three stories in this one-shot are framed by a tale that sees Kolchak talking to his boss’s psychiatrist; it seems that his nocturnal pursuits of monsters, witches, and their ilk are pushing his editor closer and closer to the edge of sanity.So, Kolchak recounts three run-ins with the paranormal in an effort to convince the doctor that he’s telling the truth and not trying to cause his stressed-out boss even further stress.

Moonstone has enjoyed success with Kolchak over the last several years, and this anthology is indicative of the excellent quality of the franchise.






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