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Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer + Sentry

Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer

Seven Soldiers is writer Grant Morrison’s (Animal Man) captivating thirty-part saga of an apocalyptic threat that has already wiped the floor with one set of Seven Soldiers that were called upon by the Seven Unknown Men, so a new team must be assembled.

This four-issue limited-series-within-a-limited-series introduces readers to Alix Harrower, a gorgeous young woman whose husband Lance is a scientist obsessed with the sexuality of super-heroes and super-heroines. His goal is to perfect Smartskin, a nearly indestructible living metallic fiber that bonds with skin collagen, and establish himself and Alix as a sexy husband-and-wife super-hero team in the tradition of Bulletman and Bulletgirl.When he sacrifices his life in an experiment gone awry, Alix finds herself covered in Smartskin and endowed with super-powers she doesn’t necessarily want.

Will she prove herself capable of handling the mission the Seven Unknown Men have in mind for their newly selected soldiers?


In his first limited series, the Sentry was the super-hero the Marvel Universe had forgotten; clearly a spin on the Superman archetype, he represented a simpler time with clearer values. Perhaps he was meant to be a reminder of what comics had lost and/or what they could no longer be. Then, he was resurrected in the pages of New Avengers, where it was revealed that the Sentry’s longtime foe, the Void, was actually the darker half of his personality.

Now, we’ve got an all-powerful, but potentially unstable, super-hero who is tackling problems all by his lonesome—without the Avengers—and the computer that’s tracking situations that might require his attention is forcing him to prioritize, thus allowing some human lives to be lost. All of this weighs heavily on the Sentry, who has deluded himself into believing that he can be a full-time super-hero. And, hey, that darker part of his personality? The Void? Well, that’s looming over all his actions, too, threatening to destroy everything the Sentry holds dear. Looks like our hero has full plate; hope he can handle all of it in the allotted eight issues.

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