Saturday, October 16, 2021

Thomas Moudry:

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Image puts out a new incarnation of a former ShadowHawk villain in Blacklight. Kung-Fu Masters combat evil in Alias's $0.75 bid to attract readers to issue #1 of Devil's Keeper. ComicBase columnist Thomas Moudry reviews both. Tune in to this week's missive from the Verge.




Your name is Lina Juarez, and when you discover that your friend Kathy has been poisoned with an amped-up version of methamphetamine, your super-powers—which had once belonged to a Shadowhawk villain called Blacklight—emerge.

You’re a little freaked out: after all, your skin is blue and you can emit tendrils of shadow, create a skimpy little costume out of nothingness, and fly.

It’s a bit of adjustment, and given that your friend has died, you’ve had a pretty rough first day in the super-hero business.

But guess what, girlfriend? It’s only going to get worse—especially when you start pursuing the criminals who have put Amp on the streets.

Not a bad beginning at all; the artwork’s a touch rough, but there are some nice Michael Golden-esque influences here and there.





Devil’s Keeper


This martial arts series is strong on action, and the premise is intriguing: an order of Chinese monks has the power to trap demons in virtually inescapable crystal prisons, but their efforts are thwarted by an especially powerful demon called Chi Tao. His war against the monks limits their numbers and forces them to go underground, passing down the secret of their power only from father to son.

Now, only one living master remains and his son has been killed, so he has taken three students under his tutelage to teach them the art of trapping demons.

Unfortunately, Chi Tao knows of the master’s plans, and he wants to eradicate the monks once and for all and use the students for his own evil ends.

A touch complex, to be sure, but fun nonetheless; it’s more Master of Kung-Fu than Pokemon.

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