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Thomas Moudry:

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Mou learns that trying something new isn't always so bad. Of course, you really can’t go wrong with Robert Kirkman’s teen super-hero drama, Invincible.


Invincible: The Ultimate Collection

“Hi. I’m Mou, and I have trouble trying new comics.”

“Welcome, Mou.”

[a smattering of applause]

Here’s the skinny, kids: I rarely branch out and buy comics from publishers other than Marvel and DC. If I didn’t write blurbs for ComicBase, I wouldn’t be exposed to much beyond the brand-name titles, and I’m somewhat ashamed to admit it. Fortunately, reviewing The Pact brought me into contact with Invincible. I liked what I saw of Mark Grayson in that first issue, and then, I kept reading more and more praise for Invincible’s home title on various message boards.

Long story short, a couple of weeks ago I took the plunge and bought Invincible: The Ultimate Collection — which collects the first thirteen issues of the ongoing series — from, and I flat-out loved it. Writer Robert Kirkman’s a fellow Kentucky boy, and it’s obvious that he’s having a blast on this series. The titular character is Mark Grayson, a high school senior who’s busy doing homework, working at the local Burger Mart, preparing for his SAT’s, applying for scholarships, and shopping for colleges.

Then, he starts to develop super-powers.

Like his dad.

His father is Omni-Man, the world’s greatest super-hero, and when he learns that Mark’s powers are emerging, he takes his son to a costumer and begins to train the boy. Of course, Mark — who takes the codename Invincible — finds trouble on his own and begins to hang out with the Teen Team, who introduce him to some of the finer points of super-heroing.

What I love about this book is the purity of the main character: he’s something of a Peter Parker figure; he certainly fits that archetype. Mark’s powers and, even moreso, his lineage burden him. He enjoys slipping into his costume, flying above the city, and pounding super-villains; but his daily life still needs to be attended to. And then, there’s the matter of his father…

But that would be telling.

All that said, I love this hardcover collection — so much so that I bought Invincible: Head of the Class, the fourth book in the trade paperback series, and I’m ready for the fifth.

Gosh, it’s nice to try something new every now and again.

Thomas Moudry is a long-standing writer for ComicBase. His work has appeared in Larry Elmore’s Women of the Woods, Stephanie Law's Such Is the Way of the Faeries, as well as the Teacher's Discovery's Of Mice and Men Navigational Novel Guide. That said, he's also a happily married English teacher who leads a fairly quiet life in a small town, publishes some freelance projects here and there, and generally enjoys his existence. For the inquiring, Thomas can be reached via e-mail at Please use “ComicBase” as the subject line.

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