Saturday, October 16, 2021

Thomas Moudry:

Mou on the Verge

A slew of kid-friendly titles hit the shelves from Tokyopop as the company expands from manga to cine-manga (fumetti) adaptations of your favorite licensable character! Drop in with Mou on the Verge to get the skinny on the latest Code Lyoko and All Grown Up.


Code Lyoko: The Adventure Begins

This Cine-Manga digest from Tokyopop adapts screen captures from the saga of a digital world that was created by a computer called XANA that is infected with a virus that threatens not only Lyoko, but Earth itself.

For some time, the digital hero Aelita has been fighting XANA alone, but in this tale, he is joined in his endeavors by real-world school kids Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremie.

By day, they do the reading, writing, and arithmetic, but outside school hours, they save the world on a daily basis.









All Grown Up

Remember those zany Nickelodeon babies, the Rugrats? Well, get ready to see them in a whole new light!

All Grown Up launches Chuckie, Tommy, Dil, Angelica, and the gang ten years in the future, when they’re pre-teens struggling to deal with the daily ups and downs of middle school, like passing the President’s physical fitness test.

They’ve left the diapers and pacifiers behind for retainers and pimples; these ain’t your daddy’s Rugrats!

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