Saturday, October 16, 2021

Thomas Moudry:

Mou on the Verge

Thomas Moudry takes a look at a couple action titles this week, including a promising, original tale about elite martial artists defending the peace in a feudal Chinese world.



Imperial Dragons

The Imperials Dragons are an elite force of martial artists with an intriguing mission in a feudal Chinese world: they must keep the peace as three rival emperors spy on one another’s kingdoms and hire clandestine operatives to engineer their rivals’ ultimate destruction.

Sadly, nothing can remain uncorrupted, and the Dragons have selfish mercenaries in their midst — those who allow themselves to be employed by all three kingdoms simultaneously and seek to feather their own nests.

Can the Dragons create a harmonious world, or will they continue to use the jealous emperors to their own insidious ends?

No doubt about it, this series shows promise from the get-go.






Internal Fury

This black and white title from Vexed Comics tells of Charles “X-Con” Dixon’s prison break, which is interesting, considering that he tears through his cell’s iron bars, catches a stun grenade and allows it to explode in his fist, dodges bullets with incredible speed and agility, throws a brick through a guard’s head, leaps over the exterior wall, and runs to freedom.

There’s very little in the way of exposition; readers pretty much join Dixon’s story in medias res, but the next issue blurb in the first issue promises more action and an unbelievable manhunt.

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