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October 29, 2007

Atomic Avenue: Half a Million Books and New Free Shipping Option!

With more than half a million comics for sale at great prices, has become the place to go when you need to track down that elusive copy of 52,  Captain America, or Sandman. A vast virtual comic store that’s home to thousands of sellers, it has more than six times the comics as all of eBay’s comic auctions put together, with thousands of new comics added to the system each day.

So, let’s see: jaw-dropping selection, amazing prices, and no auction hassles… what else could those wacky Atomic Avenue folks do to comic-buying even better?


Free Shipping

Starting today, sellers on Atomic Avenue have the option to give their customers free standard shipping on all orders over a chosen amount. A special “free shipping” logo will appear next to the listings from sellers who take advantage of this new feature, letting customers  where they can load up their shopping carts with comics without having to let go of a single dime to get them delivered.

Sellers who wish to use the new Free Shipping option should download the update to ComicBase 12.0.4 (Archive, Pro, or Express) from the ComicBase web site at The new option appears under ComicBase’s Sell command. ComicBase 12 FREE, which also supports this new feature, can be downloaded here.


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