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July 14, 2006

ComicBase 11 Blu-Ray Archive Edition
ComicBase 11 Professional and Archive Editions Ship

New versions add over 30,000 issues, CGC grading support, and more

(Santa Clara, CA) Human Computing is now shipping new versions of its popular ComicBase collection management software. ComicBase 11 includes a massive built-in database of more than 275,000 comic listings, complete with current pricing from Comics Buyer’s Guide. Users can draw upon this huge database to allow them to enter their own collections simply by selecting the comics they have, and noting their quantity and condition. ComicBase can then automatically compute the overall value of their collection, and print price lists, insurance reports, issue checklists, and more. ComicBase Professional and Archive Editions can even export collection reports to a Palm or Pocket PC handheld, allowing users to take their collections on the road.

ComicBase 11 adds more than 30,000 new comics to database, as well as tens of thousands of new artist credits, storylines, and more. It also includes one year of free, downloadable price and title updates, allowing users to keep up with new releases within days of them hitting the street, as well as monitor market trends.

Other new features of the Professional and Archive Editions include support for CGC grading for tracking professionally graded comics; new hypertext-based searches to allow users to look for publishers, storylines, artists, and writers simply by clicking on their names; as well as new batch operations which build on the barcode support introduced in ComicBase 10. These include a batch “Add Issues to Inventory” command which allows users to use a barcode reader to scan in a whole stack of comics at once, then add them into their collection’s inventory with one fell swoop. There’s also a new batch “Sell Comics” command which works like a simple Point of Sale system. Simply scan each comic—just like at the grocery store—and ComicBase will show a running sale total, complete with support for sales tax, standard discounts, and even shipping charges. When finished, the books are subtracted from inventory, and the program will even print an itemized receipt for the customer.

This year’s DVD-based Archive Edition includes all the features of the Professional Edition, plus an astonishing 150,000 cover images, along with almost a hundred movie previews and exclusive creator interviews with the likes of Frank Miller, Mark Waid, and Julius Schwartz. In addition to increasing the sheer number of pictures in this year’s Archive Edition, ComicBase has also upgraded over 60,000 of the images to full-size, high definition format, allowing users to see the comic blow up to full size simply by waving the mouse over its entry in the database.

ComicBase Professional ships on 2 CDs for a new, lower price of just $129.95. The 2-DVD Archive Edition is available for $299. Upgrade pricing is available for current ComicBase users, as are discounts for active duty military personnel. For more information, please visit the ComicBase web site at


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