July 11, 2006

ComicBase 11 Blu-Ray Archive Edition

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Super-powered “ComicBase” becomes world’s first Blu-ray PC software

Human Computing’s latest software first to take advantage of new format

(San Jose, CA) ComicBase, the world’s leading comic book collection management software, is the first commercial PC product available in the new Blu-ray format. The program, which allows collectors to easily log, track, manage and even sell their comic book collections, comes with both a DVD full of movie trailers and creator interviews and now a Blu-ray disc full of over 150,000 comic cover images from the late 1800s to the modern day.

Human Computing, which makes the software, has been following the development of the format with eager enthusiasm—and now relief.

“This was a natural for us,” explains company president Peter Bickford. “After years of waiting, we're finally able to offer our massive library of full-color images without heavy compression, letting our customers view them at the same size, sharpness, and clarity that we do in-house. Best of all, the Blu-ray format lets our customers just pop in a single disk, and have the entire library at their fingertips, so they can simply wave their mouse over the listings, of say, Superman, and have each cover from the past sixty years pop into view as they look at each issue’s information.”

The ComicBase Blu-ray Archive Edition is available at the company's product website, www.comicbase.com for a retail price of $399, and includes both a year of downloadable price and title updates, as well as four Blu-ray-based updates to the picture library, delivered quarterly. ComicBase is also available in other formats, including the $44.95 ComicBase Express, the 2-CD, $129.95 Professional Edition, and the 2-DVD, $299.00 Archive Edition.


Press Contact:
Shiaw-Ling Lai
Human Computing
95 S Market St Ste 500
San Jose, CA 95113-2306